What Makes a Good Motivating Narrative

What are the concepts of right and wrong? And how do moral foundations influence the engagement in the storyline? In this last episode of the Neuromarketing 2020 series, Rene Weber and Frederic R. Hopp of the Media Neuroscience Lab present a computational model that uses moral analysis as a scientific foundation to predict audience behavior.
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The Neural Mechanisms Behind Engagement

What makes us remember that scene from Pulp Fiction? How much engagement does a jury member on The Voice evoke? And how do you know well your commercial is triggering engagement?

In this episode of the Neuromarketing Series, Roeland Dietvorst presents key findings of  EEG and fMRI research projects, providing researchers and marketers with a better neuro understanding of engagement.
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Shaping Implicit Minds

Despite the amazing research to reveal what consumers think and feel, the real (and somewhat puzzling) challenge has been: applying what we know. Neuromarketers are often left wondering, ‘How do we create and change implicit thoughts and feelings in ways that produce the behavior we seek?’

In his contribution to the 2020 Neuromarketing Series, Paul Conner addresses this question, as he offers the latest insights on how behavioral scientists are finding ways to shape implicit thoughts and feelings.
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Are You Looking for New Clients?

The NMSBA is launching another round of Neuromarketing Series in 2021. These video presentations are brought to our 21.000+ audiences per email and social platforms every other week. The presentations are alternated by a new round of Digital Expo.

Here is the plan

We have 10 spots available for companies that are looking for exposure and new clients. For the price of only 599 euro (NMSBA vendor members) or 799 euro (others) you will get:

  • One-time full dedicated exposure in the NMSBA newsletter 21.000+ subscribers where your contribution is highlighted
  • Continuous exposure in the 'digital expo' arena on the Neuromarketing World Forum website between February 4 - July 1, 2020
  • Exposure through all our social media channels (including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Vimeo)

Contact me to reserve your spot (first come, first served), and send us your video of max 2 minutes.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Sara Hoeflaken, sara@nmsba.com
Manager Sponsoring & Exhibition, NMSBA

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Emotion Polling with Images

Emotions drive customer behavior, but respondents have a hard time to turn emotions into words. This talk is about a validated image set that can be used in associative tests to map emotions "The use of images isn't new in market research, but up until now, the interpretation of the linked emotion was totally subjective to the interpretation of the researcher". Watch this presentation of Elissa Moses and Matthew Tullman, on the dataset, the scientific base, and the application of the tool in practice.

This presentation was freely available until December 17. 

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