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In only six weeks, everyone with a professional interest in neuromarketing gathers in Los Angeles to hear about:
  • Brian Knutson's research on predicting market trends
  • How Universal Pictures used a new neuromarketing approach to researching audience reactions in cinemas
  • Why segmenting respondents by physiological characteristics improves your research data
  • How to use webcam eye-tracking the best
  • A business case from Reddit on using neuroscience to enhance content moderation
  • The experiences of Sekisui House on integrating neuromarketing into their organization and to align with their existing tools
  • Insight into the motivations of luxury buyers and, with the use of neuro, to tailor marketing strategies effectively
  • The opportunities of AI in neuromarketing
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Practical information
Now is the perfect time to book your LA trip! Here is some practical information:
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New Presenter: Meet Jason Jacobson

Jason Jacobson, Senior Director of Consumer Insights at Sekisui House, will share best practices when adding neuromarketing and behavioral science to your business. He gives tips on how to get support from your organization, choose the right methods for neuromarketing, and integrate the data with existing methodologies.

In this session, you will learn:

1. Overcome integration challenges
Explore practical solutions to navigate the challenges of integrating neuromarketing and behavioral science methodologies.
2. Secure Organizational Buy-In
Gain actionable insights into securing buy-in and fostering widespread adoption within your organization.
3. Master Strategic Packaging
Discover proven frameworks for effective packaging and implementing neuromarketing strategies, ensuring seamless integration into your organizational practices.

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Speaker Highligh: Story Telling

Narratives Shape Our Self-Concept and What Advertisers Can Learn

While many definitions of the self-concept exist, very few have been operationalized using neuroscience. Defining this concept in a way that allows us to quantify experiences that affect it gives us great power in validating advertisements' efficacy. In this talk, Ashraf Vahed will explain how consumers see themselves reflected through media and marketing.

He unravels the intricate concept of the "self" from neuroscientific and psychological perspectives, exploring its crucial role in consumer behavior. It also explains how TV advertising influences self-concept development through storytelling. Using EEG and eye-tracking, a new metric was created, which was used to gauge the success of the Super Bowl TV advertisement. The talk also addresses trends in marketing regarding the engagement of the self-concept and explores the societal implications thereof.

What the audience can learn:
• How the 'self' is a crucial factor in behavior and decision-making
• The neuroscientific and psychological foundations of the self-concept
• Using a new 'self' construct to determine a TV ad's success

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Speaker Highlight: Brian Knutson

Stanford's Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Brian Knutson, will be on stage of the 11th edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum in LA, March 19-21, 2024

He will talk about neuroforcasting, a new area that combines brain science and market forecasting. Recent improvements in brain imaging technology have made it possible to understand individual choices by studying brain activity.

In Brian Knutson's talk, you will learn:

  • How fMRI research can predict individual and aggregate choices.
  • That neural data forecasts can outperform behavioral data from the same sample.
  • When and why neuroforecasts outperform traditional forecasts.

Join (and meet!) Brian Knutson at the 11th Neuromarketing World Forum, March 19-21.

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Conference Dinner at Historic Yamashiro

We are excited to announce that the Neuromarketing World Forum's official conference dinner on March 20, 2024, will be held at the renowned Yamashiro restaurant in the Hollywood Hills. 
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