AdNeuro Conference Dinner at Historic Yamashiro

We are excited to announce that the AdNeuro Conference Dinner,  Neuromarketing World Forum's official conference dinner on March 20, 2024, will be held at the renowned Yamashiro restaurant in the Hollywood Hills. 

All-Inclusive Experience
Remember, your registration for the Neuromarketing World Forum includes not just the conference but also this exclusive dinner and drinks at Yamashiro. To enjoy this all-inclusive experience, make sure to register before January 1.
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Program Announcement

The program of the 11th Neuromarketing World Forum is ready. Prepare for a transformative experience in the Neuromarketing Capital of the World, Hollywood, Los Angeles. Join international experts for two days of groundbreaking insights and discussions. This is where the world's neuromarketing community comes together to shape the future of marketing.
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Program Committee Announcement

The Neuromarketing World Forum Program Committee consists of the following individuals:

Kathryn Ambroze, Senior User Researcher, JPMorgan Chase & Co
Naomi Grewal, Director of Research at Workday and Faculty at USC
Michael E. Smith, Principal Scientist, Adaptation Research
Horst Stipp, EVP, Research & Innovation: Global & Ad Effectiveness, the ARF
Sake Jan Velthuis, NHL Stenden University

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Spotlighting the Personalized 'Self' in the Future of Neuromarketing

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the grand stage of the 11th Neuromarketing World Forum 2024, a saga where science meets storytelling, data meets emotions, and consumers say, "Look at Me". As we unfurl the screen, our grand narrative will revolve around this powerful theme, in the epic backdrop of Hollywood, the land of dreams and egos.

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