Because of the growth of the NMSBA, there's a plan to create a brand new conference, entitled the "Neuro in Media World Forum".

Brain-science meets media and entertainment!
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The Use of Neuromarketing in Business

Since the 1990s, neuromarketing has intrigued marketers who knew that what people say about ads isn’t necessarily how they really think or feel. Researchers tried to address this by measuring brain waves, performing magnetic resonance imaging on brains and studying everything from sweat and heart rates to eye movements and fleeting facial expressions.
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Plan your trip

As the time is flying, it's the right time to prepare your trip to LA to attend the 9th Neuromarketing World Forum! We've collected all the information you need:
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Get Rewards

Spread the word about the greatest event in the consumer insights industry and pick a reward for you and the new guest, for example:
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