Neuro as Tool Which can Expand our Toolbox

Last Wednesday, Lene Heiselberg works at the Danish Broadcasting Cooperation and was attending the Neuromarketing World Forum in 2019, in Rome, Italy.

Why are you interested in neuromarketing?

At the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), a great deal of attention is given to how audiences respond to the first episodes of new TV programs. It is commonly accepted within the organization that viewers will form preferences for programs based on their experience of the first episode, and it is therefore very important that the first episodes have the strongest possible appeal to a broad audience. Since 2012, there has been an interest in incorporating psychophysiological measurements which deliver real-time data, i.e. methods such as eye-tracking, electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrodermal activity (EDA).

How does your company view Neuro?

In DR Audience Research we view neuro as tool which can expand our toolbox. There are a number of problems arising from the use of self-reports as the sole source of data for assessing respondents’ emotional experiences. For a start, because a substantial proportion of our subjective experience unfolds below the threshold of consciousness, it is extremely difficult for respondents to remember, register, evaluate or simply talk about these experiences. Therefore, we use a mixed methods strategy of self-reports about the experience of a TV program and how scenes trigger high and lower arousal.

What would be your advice for companies that want to start using Neuro?

Just do it! But take an interest in validity and reliability.

What are your doubts/questions?

We measure arousal but not valence. I would like to apply a simple, fast and solid measure for valence, but I am doubting that a probability for a facial expression is good enough when we want to be able to implement results in a creative process or at a strategic level.

What do you plan to gain from attending the NMWF?

I am eager to learn about the latest innovations and to dive into the methodology and best practices. I hope to be inspired by from other companies and industries.

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