New Speaker (from Mars) on Attention 

How to Achieve Creative Excellence for Mars?

We’ve all heard it everywhere: people don’t pay attention to advertising anymore, and our attention spans are lower than a goldfish, but on the other hand, attention will save the media industry. At Mars, it’s been 7 years since they started to study how attention works for advertising, and the first win was to unlock the link between attention and sales. This led Mars to be a pioneer in the attention testing space for content.

Today, Mars has a tool used in more than 20 markets, across all our regions and product divisions to support content development processes and inspire confidence in exploring the emerging trends in content and media. Mixing consumer behavioral data with digital viewership KPIs and digital platforms' best practices, the ACE tool was used 1000+ times in 2 years to improve content. And it’s just the beginning.

Join Sorin Patilinet's session to learn more about his experience and insights.

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