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To: All Members of the NMSBA
Keeping your brand relevant means more than just following the trends. Nowadays it is key to understand how you can successfully embed environmental and social purpose into your brand DNA. Themed ‘Making the World a Better Place’, the 2021 Neuromarketing Series brings you insights, inspiration, and engagement - from neuro -and behavioral science- to face the challenges of purpose-driven marketing and business.

Want to join our fabulous speakers on our digital stage? Submit your 2021 Neuromarketing Series presentation pitch today! Follow the submission guidelines and submit your proposal together with a 30 second-minute video pitch before December 15, 2020.

What is the plan?

Between February 4 - June 24, we will share video presentations with our community on a weekly basis.

Presented and selected by NMSBA members

This is an exclusive NMSBA project. All presenters need to be a member of the NMSBA and it is up to the members of the NMSBA to vote for their favorite pitches.

Neuromarketing 2021 Series & Digital Expo

The presentation videos on purpose-neuromarketing are alternated with videos from a new round of digital expo. Sponsors can present their latest and greatest neuro tools and services.


Dec 15: submit your idea/pitch for the presentation
Until Jan 6: NMSBA members vote for top 3 favorites
Jan 8: winners will be notified
Feb 1: full video presentation needs to be ready


Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the latest neuro insights on:
- The meaning of purpose in the brain
- Neuromarketing results on social projects
- How to gain trust and seed motivation
- Fears, tension, anger and consumer behavior
- Behavioral change for a good cause
- Purpose-driven brands: hype, or hope?

The proposal consists of a short text & video:

1. Text (no longer than 250 words), include:

- Presentation title + 3 bullet points about the content
- Background on the scientific the validity of the idea
- What the audience can learn

2. Video Pitch (no longer than 30 seconds)

The presenter pitches the main idea of the presentation. This video is used for collecting votes. 

Send your text and video to Deadline: December 15, 2020

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