What about the hints?

Were you puzzled by the hints we shared? Here are the solutions.
Hint 1 'favorite playlist'
The first hint was a playlist on all the cities we have been organizing the Neuromarketing World Forum before. If you changed the order of the playlist, the album titles gave the destination away (with a link to the 10th edition)

Hint 2 'puzzled'

For the second hint, the NMSBA team decorated the website with nine puzzle pieces. Together these pieces formed a rebus.

The solution to this rebus was:

Use * this * map 

to * dis * cover

the * dest in nation *

If you turned the dotted map in the background 90 degrees to the right, the red dot on the german map gave the destination away

Hint 3 'logos'

The solution of the third hint lies in the coordinates of the headquarters from the companies the four logos stand for. Put the coordinates in a midpoint calculator and you will arrive in Berlin.

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