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As the time is flying, it's the right time to prepare your trip to LA to attend the 9th Neuromarketing World Forum! We've collected all the information you need:
  1. Book your conference ticket now
  2. Book your hotel room (discounted rate for conference delegates)
  3. Check if you need a VISA or ESTA
  4. Compare the best flight rates on Google Flights
  5. Download the agenda in PDF 

Why can you not miss out on this unique consumer insights events? You will:

  • Get the latest insights: be the first to learn how brands and retailers are using neuroscience to get ahead of the competition
  • Meet the right vendors: everyone of importance in neuromarketing will be there
  • Feel the vibe of innovation: join a global audience of like-minded peers who are obsessed with creating and innovating.
To make it even easier: we've prepared an attendance proposal to convince your organization. Download it here »

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