Speaker Highligh: Story Telling

Narratives Shape Our Self-Concept and What Advertisers Can Learn

While many definitions of the self-concept exist, very few have been operationalized using neuroscience. Defining this concept in a way that allows us to quantify experiences that affect it gives us great power in validating advertisements' efficacy. In this talk, Ashraf Vahed will explain how consumers see themselves reflected through media and marketing.

He unravels the intricate concept of the "self" from neuroscientific and psychological perspectives, exploring its crucial role in consumer behavior. It also explains how TV advertising influences self-concept development through storytelling. Using EEG and eye-tracking, a new metric was created, which was used to gauge the success of the Super Bowl TV advertisement. The talk also addresses trends in marketing regarding the engagement of the self-concept and explores the societal implications thereof.

What the audience can learn:
• How the 'self' is a crucial factor in behavior and decision-making
• The neuroscientific and psychological foundations of the self-concept
• Using a new 'self' construct to determine a TV ad's success

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