New Program Committee Announced

The ninth Neuromarketing World Forum takes place on April 1-3, 2020 in Los Angeles. The program committee has kicked-of last week. The group consists of of consumer and audience researchers and scientists, all with a professional focus on neuromarketing and related fields. Together they will review incoming submissions and suggest keynote speakers.

The Neuromarketing World Forum 2020 program committee consists of the following individuals:

Christo Boshoff, Professor, Dep. of Business Management at Stellenbosch University
Dahee Kim
, Enterprise Account Executive at Uber
Jacob Lyng Wieland, Research Manager, BBC
Janet Gallent
, SVP NBC Consumer Insights and Innovation Research at NBCUniversal
Jessica Southard
, Senior Manager, Consumer and Market Insights at Mars
Leon Zurawicki
, Professor in Marketing at UMASS
Michael E. Smith
, Principal Scientist and Founder at Adaptation Research
Siddhesh Tiwatne
, Head Of Organic Search at Resident Home

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