We Need Powerful Tools to Get a Deep Understanding of Shopper and Consumer

Antonella Pesce has been working in Consumer & Market Insights at Procter & Gamble for over twenty years. She sees the Neuromarketing World Forum – of which she is also a program committee member – as a place to be updated on neuro and to connect with neuro experts.

Why are you interested in neuromarketing?

I believe that neuromarketing is the evolution of current marketing. We need to get a deeper understanding of how shoppers and consumers behave; what are the drivers of their decisions.

“I think there is still a lot we don’t know; the brain is not easy. It’s an area where we need exploration and learning, especially in online marketing.”

Is your interest in neuro new?

No, it’s not new. At P&G we’re in touch with different companies that are experts in neuro capabilities, since many years. Compared to the past, the consumer has more – and more complex – choices and receives much more information. It’s more complicated to follow their behavior.

 “We need more powerful tools to get a deep understanding of the shopper and consumer.”

Which questions does neuromarketing help you answer?

P&G leverages on different neuromarketing capabilities. For example, for copy assessments and qualifications of in-market assets. It could be packaging, in-store communications. We explore which options create higher emotional engagement or provide higher attention levels.

What do you expect from the World Forum?

My key expectations are to be updated and become aware of the latest developments in the area of neuromarketing. And to create and make connections with experts. I’m interested in the knowledge that comes from different experts.

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