The Concept of Intuitive Marketing (or why traditional marketing is not brain-friendly)

In recent years, despite technological developments and the huge amount of research carried out in areas such as psychology, neuroscience or behavioral economics, marketers have continued to follow old patterns and to employ techniques that do not deliver the required result. 
In his brand new book entitled 'Intuitive Marketing, What Marketers Can Learn from Brain Science', Steve Genco proposes a different way of thinking about marketing by presenting us with the mechanisms of intuitive marketing. All delegates of the Neuromarketing World Forum will get a free copy of this book on the future of marketing!

Genco will also be the teacher of the pre-conference masterclass 'Introduction to Neuromarketing', where he will explain how to choose the right neuromarketing tools for the right questions and more. You can add the pre-conference masterclass to your Neuromarketing World Forum ticket for only €350. Not a ticket yet? Don't wait too long and register now!

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