Neuromarketing World Forum Status

UPDATE (June 2): The forum has been canceled, delegates, speakers and sponsors received direct information in their inbox.

The 2020 Neuromarketing World Forum is postponed until September 22-24, 2020

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the Neuromarketing World Forum 2020 will be postponed due to growing concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak. The postponed Neuromarketing World Forum will take place on September 23-24, with the pre-conference activities on September 22.

Whilst only a short time ago we felt optimistic that Los Angeles was far enough from the heavily affected areas to confidently proceed with our plans, but as it stands today we cannot guarantee the one thing that our delegates, speakers and sponsors trust us above all else to deliver – namely a great neuromarketing experience, with the latest insights, best business opportunities, international friends and the vibe of innovation.

Despite the disappointment and impact, we know you will feel, we want you to know that we’re fully committed to serving this industry that we love. We’re already working hard in the background on the upcoming Neuromarketing Yearbook and of course the future issues of INsights. However due to the uncertainty in the world today, but mostly for all, the risks that come along with event planning, the two Shopper Brain Conferences later this year, are also postponed (new dates to be announced).

We made the above decisions on the facts as we know them today and, importantly for the whole NMSBA team, based on the responsibility and genuine care we feel for all the global community.

All speakers, registrants, and sponsors involved in the Neuromarketing World Forum and the Shopper Brain Conferences will receive a separate email with the next steps.

We thank everyone for the support that has been shown to us during the most difficult weeks in our careers.

Carla, Sara, Femke, Verona, Isa & Susan

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