Overview of NMWF reflections

Some visitors wrote down their reflections of the 8th Neuromarketing World Forum in Rome March 2019. A selection below. 
Decoding the Neuromarketing World Forum 2019
By Lluis Martinez-Ribes (ESADE & m+f=!): "Today, nobody is talking about whether or not to 'believe' in neuromarketing, but about how to apply it effectively. "
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Neuromarketing: 10 Lessons About the Brain from a Growing Field
In March, we headed to Rome for the Neuromarketing World Forum to bring you the latest research in the field and discuss what teachers, students, and lifelong learners can gain from a deeper understanding of the discipline. Here are some insights from Saga Briggs »

System 1 and System 2: Facts and Fictions
Brendan Murray, Ph.D. (iMotions) wrote a summary about his NMWF talk on the incorrect interpretation of Kahneman's' System 1 and System 2 analogy. Read more »

Capturing insights at the Neuromarketing World Forum 2019
Head of EyeSee’s Paris office Jean-Francois Sonder attended the 8th Neuromarketing World Forum. The Forum brought together key players from a niche that is bridging the gap between academia and business – to the benefit of consumer science. Here is the breakdown of the biggest impressions and key insights that were shared on the stage. Read more »

Neuro Myths Busted: We have come so far…
Dr. Cristina de Balanzo recently attended the 2019 Neuromarketing World Forum (NMWF) organized by the NMSBA where renowned academics, clients from all over the world, students, practitioners, and vendors came together to discuss consumer neuroscience and applied neuroscience. Read more »

Dalibor Šumiga (Promosapiens, Croatia): Organized by the World Neuromarketing and Business Association (NMSBA), the theme of this years’ conference was the practical application of neuromarketing to in business. Read more »

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