Free Copy of 'Intuitive Marketing'

Free Book for Neuromarketing World Forum Delegates

If you're attending the 10th Neuromarketing World Forum in Berlin, you'll receive a free copy of the book 'Intuitive Marketing' by Stephen J. Genco, PhD

The book is a fresh take on neuromarketing and marketing in general. Genco challenges us to shift our way of conducting marketing and to rethink how consumers think. It makes us rethink novelty and familiarity, processing fluency, preferences, emotions, how consumers’ attention is used, and much more!

This book is about the future of marketing and should prompt marketers to ask new questions and conduct marketing in new ways, shifting from trying to persuade to trying to influence. Or, as ROBERT CIALDINI acknowledges: 'Marketers would do well to take into account the considerable evidence in this book'. 

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