Agenda and Speakers Announced

NMWF Highlights - agenda & speakers 2020
The NMWF team proudly announces the agenda and speakers of the 9th edition of the 2020 Neuromarketing World Forum in Los Angeles (April 1-3).

The City of Angels, famous for its movie, television, and recording industry is the perfect backdrop for this year’s leading event with the theme: “Integrating ads and entertainment”. Are you ready to navigate the future of media and advertising with us?

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Joining us on stage will be Antonio Damasio, Rene Weber, Christophe Morin, Ming Hsu, and Uma Karmarkar, to name just a few in our speaker line-up.

Get inspired and learn more about:
  • What neuroscience tells us about creating highly impactful branded entertainment
  • Best practices to employ music for a better experience and more engagement
  • How to strike the best balance between advertising and audience objectives
  • The importance of understanding how reliable your data is
  • How to avoid costly incorrect decisions in ad testing
And much more!

Register before December 31 to get an early bird discount and receive both conference dinners for FREE!

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