Conference Dinner at Historic Yamashiro

We are excited to announce that the Neuromarketing World Forum's official conference dinner on March 20, 2024, will be held at the renowned Yamashiro restaurant in the Hollywood Hills. 
A Night of Networking and Insights
This dinner is an unparalleled opportunity to network with international peers passionate about neuromarketing. Engage in enriching conversations, exchange innovative ideas, and build lasting connections in an inspiring setting.

Venue: Yamashiro – The Mountain Palace
Yamashiro, translating to "Mountain Palace" in Japanese, is not just a restaurant but a historical monument. Built in 1911 by the Bernheimer brothers, this hilltop mansion was originally constructed to house a magnificent collection of Asian artifacts. Its unique architecture and breathtaking views of Los Angeles make it an enchanting backdrop for our gathering.

Hundreds of craftsmen were brought from the Orient to recreate the replica of a palace in the “Yamashiro” province mountains near Kyoto, Japan. Yamashiro sits 250 feet above Hollywood Boulevard and was completed in 1914.

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