Agenda Neuromarketing Series 2021

Themed ‘Making the World a Better Place’, the 2021 Neuromarketing Series
brings you insights, inspiration, and engagement - from neuro -and behavioral science- to face the challenges of purpose-driven marketing and business.

Presentations are freely available for two weeks each. Corporate members of the NMSBA have full access to all presentations at once through their video archive. Here is the agenda:

Leveraging Neuroscience to Encourage Green Consumption and other Pro-Environmental Behaviors (Michael Smith)’

February 4

Applying neuro- and behavioral science to drive behavior change – How to nudge consumers towards healthier, more sustainable diets (Andreea Tarasescu)

February 24

Mad Men or Sad Men: Is advertising pressing the right emotional buttons? (Graham Page)

March 11

Is the climate-changing only for penguins? (Eda Ocak)

March 25

Hesitation matters: the impact of uncertainty during covid-19, a multimarket study (Nick Saxby & Dorota Reykowska)

April 8

How neuromarketing can help a micro-enterprise to differentiate itself from the competitors (Marco Baldocchi)

April 22

Neuro research for UNICEF promo campaign “Talk Against Violence” (Nikolaos Dimitriadis)

May 6

Plastic waste in personal care and beauty. How can brands successfully reimagine their products? (Karine Trinquetel)

May 20

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