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Early Bird Applies!

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  • Pre-conference workshop 'Introduction to Neuromarketing': March 29, 14:00-17:00
  • Openings-dinner: March 29, 19:30
  • Neuromarketing World Forum: March 30 & 31, 9:30 - 17:00
  • Conference-dinner: March 30, 19:30



RewardsEndingPrice (+ UK VAT*)
Conference dinners included€ 150 discount on a full conference pass
2 conference dinners included 
(value of €250)
All registrations before December 31, 2016€ 1749 (+349,80)
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Early bird discount
€ 150 discount on a full conference passFebruary 20, 2017€ 1749 (+349,80)

Regular registration fees

€1899 + taxes (20% UK VAT*) for full conference pass (March 30 & 31)
€125 + taxes (20% UK VAT*) per person for each conference dinner (March 29 & March 30)
€350 + taxes (20% UK VAT*) for the pre-conference masterclass 'introduction to neuromarketing' on March 29, 2016 (1:30-5:00 PM).

Group Discounts

If 3 or more people register together, all registrants in the group will receive a 100 Euro discount each.

*Why do I need to pay UK VAT?

Conferences are classified as a service supplied where performed, and therefore the VAT of the country hosting the conference must be charged. For further details please consult the current VAT Act - Articles 9 and 15 - The Sixth VAT Directive - sect.77/388 which defines the place of supply of services.
So UK VAT applies for local, (other) European delegates, as well for delegates from outside the EU. 

Note that the amount of VAT in Euros printed above is an indication. After registration you will get a receipt of the credit card payment. This is NOT the VAT invoice, only an indication of the distribution price vs VAT. The actual VAT invoice will be distributed with your ticket in a seperate manual confirmation email. On that invoice the UK VAT will be printed in Shirlings. The organization, NMSBA Events B.V., takes the risk of possible currency differences.

Sponsors pay taxes in the Netherlands

A VAT exception is sponsoring & exhibition, this is taxed in the Netherlands. In the case of sponsoring & exhibition we can apply the VAT reverse charged rule or international VAT laws (mostly zero based). So, especially when you are planning to attend with two or more people, this might be a good alternative. Contact Sara Hoeflaken to discuss the possibilities.

Discount for NMSBA Members

Members of the NMSBA get a discount of up to 15% (platinum plans) on their registration. To learn more, visit: or login at the member's section at to get your discount code.

Organized by the NMSBA

connecting the dots

This international conference is about the latest insights from neuromarketing in the context of today: what is possible, how can it enrich traditional findings?

Early bird discount

Early registration is rewarded with 150 euro discount and 2 complimentary conference dinners (one at the tower bridge!)
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