The NMSBA canceled all face-to-face meetings due to the pandemic. If we feel we are able to safely bring together over 50 nationalities for the latest insights, the right vendors, and the vibe of innovation, we'd be delighted to welcome you again!

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A Big Thanks to the Supporters of 2020:

It is a challenging year for everyone around the globe. We hope everyone is safe and in good health.

We like to thank the following people and companies for supporting us during the pandemic: Andy Smith, Flower Foods Inc, Dalibor Šumiga, Promosapiens, Eugenia Laureckis & Antonio Casals, NeuroStrategy, Marcia Howell, Center for Safe Alaskans, Mario Narita, Narita Design & Strategy, Matteo Venerucci, Trizma Neuro, Tim Zuidgeest & Tom van Bommel, Unravel Research, iMotions, Ipsos, Neurotrend, Mindspeller, Nielsen, SalesBrain, Alpha.One, Brand Aviators, and Tobii

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