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Spread the word about the greatest event in the consumer insights industry and pick a reward for you and the new guest, for example:
  • Video recordings of all mainstage presentations of the Neuromarketing World Forums 2016-2019 or
  • Book "Consumer Neuroscience" (Moran Cerf, Manuel Garcia et. al) or
  • Free conference dinners (Thursday & Wednesday night) or
  • Pickup and return from LAX to the conference hotel or
  • Neuromarketing Yearbook 2019 or
  • Upgrade your hotel room in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel to "Club Room", with access to the Club Lounge (including breakfast)* or
  • Warner Bros Studio Tour on Saturday (April 4) after the conference 
How does it work?
Tell somebody who never attended the Neuromarketing World Forum about the upcoming edition in Los Angeles. If the new person signs up for the conference in Los Angeles, you can both choose a reward from the list above.
  1. Ask the delegate to fill out your name in the 'comments field' of the registration form (tab 3)
  2. In the same field, let the new delegate fill out the rewards for you and the new delegate from the list above (note that you don't have to pick the same reward)
  3. After the registration is successful, the NMSBA will contact you and the new delegate about how the rewards become yours.
  • You can nudge as many new delegates to the conference as you like, and pick different rewards when the registrations are successful.
  • The rewards cannot be redeemed into cash
  • In the case the new guest cancels the registration, the reward cannot be given
  • If you can't make it yourself LA this year, that's truly a pity! However, you don't have to attend yourself for claiming rewards.
  • EXTRA: we will count the number of guests, advised by you. The one with the highest number of new guests gets a free conference ticket for the 10th Neuromarketing World Forum in 2021!!!
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