Conference Dinner at the Famous 'Fernsehturm'

The Neuromarketing World Forum is not only famous for its spectacular content. It's also the best place to meet and greet everyone around the globe with a passion for marketing and the brain. That's why it's fantastic that the forum is back in-person! As part of this meet-with-everyone-in-neuro experience are the conference dinners: a perfect opportunity to network, and enjoy this year's neuromarketing capital of the world. We are proud to announce the location of this year's official conference dinner. 

Conference dinners are free until June!
The conference dinners (opening dinner on Wednesday and the Fernseh Turm dinner on Thursday) are included for free, if you register before June 30 (subject to availability!) Register now
On September 29, we will have dinner and drinks in Berlin's famous landmark, the 'Fernseh Turm' (TV Tower). A landmark itself, but also the perfect opportunity to overview the whole city. While having interesting conversations with peers, sipping a glass of wine, and enjoying food, the restaurant turns 365 degrees so you can oversee the whole city of Berlin.

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