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2016 theme: Imagine the future of marketing!

Submit your 2016 Neuromarketing World Forum presentation proposal today! The NMSBA is accepting proposals for the main conference programming track. Proposals must be submitted by email before August 31, 2015 by using office@nmsba.com 

The Neuromarketing World Forum 2016 will be held on April 4-6, in the "Shopping Capital of the Middle East": Dubai. Some of the world’s tallest, biggest and futuristic structures are situated here. Biggest mall, tallest hotel, second largest man-made marina, and the world’s largest aquarium are located in Dubai. That’s the reason the Neuromarketing World Forum’s theme of 2016 is “Imagine the future of marketing”

Broader Perspective

This, more general theme, aims to bring neuromarketing in a broader perspective. What can neuromarketing and behavioral sciences bring to marketing in general? What kind of insights innovate the process of introducing new services? Is applying neuromarketing possible in B2B marketing? The NMWF16 is aiming to inspire the audience with the latest neuro news, applicable in their daily operations.

Possible topics include:

· Neuromarketing in practice: how to connect data with the why of consumer behavior?

· Behavioral economics and Neuromarketing – linkages and applications

· Better consumer / human understanding to drive business/social results for corporations/organizations

· Applying Neuromarketing or behavioral economics to the 4P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Place/distribution)

· How to apply neuromarketing to specific business sectors (profit/non-profit organizations)

· How the brain processes images / sound / art / commercials / …

· Decoding information: the right words and the right visuals

· Human beings and social media influence loop.

· What does Neuromarketing do for higher customer experience?

· Under what conditions/circumstances are neuro led Insights the most effect way to get a deeper understanding of consumer behavior?

· Making Neuromarketing work - ROI from neuromarketing-case studies?


The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2015, where after the program committee will review all proposals. All submitters will be notified about the status of their proposal before October 20, 2015.


- All proposals and presentations must be in English

- The NMSBA does not pay for travel, hotel or meals for conference speakers and presenters

NEW: participants survey determines your compensation:

  • Registration fees for speakers are waived for the day of speech, when the average rating of the audience is 3.5 or more (on a scale of 1-5)
  • Registration fees for speakers are waived for the full conference, when the average rating of the audience is 4 or more (on a scale of 1-5)

- The link to the participants survey is sent to all people that attended the conference on Thursday April 7, 2016 latest. Participants have two weeks to respond.

-  The survey results of all speakers will be circulated to all speakers afterwards, April 28, 2016 latest

-  This waiver program is applied afterwards, so upfront registration is required


The proposal should not be longer than 500 words (est. 1 A4). Within this 500 words, please include:

A short bio of the presenter(s) and organization

Keyword set: choose (a max of 7) words that clearly describe the main idea of your work. 

Preferred presentation title

Summary / content outline of max of 75 words and a detailed description


Audience take aways: what will the audience learn from your talk?

Why the topic is new, exciting and needs to be included on the NMWF agenda

Short background on the scientific validity of the idea

Take into account that: 

1. the background of the audience will be vary: 

o  very experienced & non-experienced (in neuro)

o  academia & business

2. there is a fine for bringing ice-berg slides as a metaphor for conscious and subconscious decision making ;-)

3. new and own work and ideas (that is not presented at other conferences before) have the preference


The Program Committee will evaluate and select proposals according to the following criteria:

1. Quality of Submission: All proposals must have clear objectives and a detailed description of the proposed content. Priority will be given to proposals where speakers and presentation titles are fully identified, where original data or novel work will be presented and where broad debate will be encouraged.

2. Conference Topic: Proposals focusing on "hot" topics in neuromarketing and topics that integrate the "imagine the future of marketing" theme will be given priority.

3. Previous Editions: The committee will take into account the content of previous Neuromarketing World Forums (see the agendas for AmsterdamSão Paulo, New York and Barcelona) while reviewing the proposals. New speakers and new topics will be given preference.


Please send your proposal BEFORE AUGUST 31, 2015 to office@nmsba.com

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The Neuromarketing World Forum program committee 2016 consists of the following individuals:

Angelika Dimoka, Associate Professor of Marketing, Temple University (Academia), United States

Anil Pillai, Director, Terragni Consulting (Consultancy), India

Ashish Umre, Optimization Manager, Tesco Digital Innovation Centre (Retail), United Kingdom

Gokul Easwar, Brand Manager, Silex trading ((FMCG) brand distributor) LLC, United Arab Emirates

Guilherme Horn, Managing Director, Accenture (Consultancy), Brazil

Horst Stipp, EVP, Global Business Strategy, ARF (Advertising Research) United States

Ian Michael, Associate Professor Marketing, Zayed University (Academia), United Arab Emirates

Isabel Fagnan, President, Engage ROI Inc. (Digital Media Marketing Strategy), Canada

Serge Diekstra, Senior Consultant, Dutch Center for Patient Safety Foundation (Non-Profit), Netherlands

Wim Ubachs, Owner, Het Ei van Ubachs (Creative Industry), Netherlands

Organized by the NMSBA

THANK YOU for attending the Neuromarketing World Forum 2016, it was awesome! Next stop London: save the date! March 29-31, 2017

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