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Our speakers of the neuromarketing world forum, march 2015

The announcement of the agenda and speakers of the 2016 conference in Dubai will be in the autumn of 2015. 

Robert Heath - University of Bath School of Management
Dr. Robert Heath spent 24 years as an advertising planner, and is now an Associate Professor of Advertising Theory at University of Bath School of Management. He is an acknowledged expert on emotion in advertising, and how it is able to influence consumer behaviour at low levels of attention Read More »

Douglas Van Praet  - Unconscious Branding - Marketing Consultancy
Douglas Van Praet is a marketing and brand strategy consultant whose approach draws from Unconscious Behaviorism and applies neurobiology, evolutionary psychology and behavioral economics to business problems. Read More »

Duane Varan - MediaScience®
Dr. Duane Varan is CEO of MediaScience®, facilitator of the ESPN Lab and a leading provider of lab-based media and marketing research (mediasciencelabs.com). Dr. Varan is also Professor of Audience Research at Murdoch University in Australia where he has helped pioneer new media/marketing applications for psychophysiological research. Read More »

Nick Southgate - Nick Southgate Planning & Research
Dr. Nick Southgate is a specialist in applying insights from behavioural economics to create valuable lessons for business, from organisational behaviour and leadership to consumer engagement, brand-building and the psychology of financial markets. Read More »

Jaime Romano - Neuromarketing S.A. de C.V.
Jaime Romano, MD, PhD is a renowned neurophysiologist with more than 30 years in the research field. In 2006, he founded Neuromarketing S.A. de C.V. as the first consumer neuroscience laboratory in Latin America, with an actual list of 200 delivered studies Read More »

Wim Ubachs - The Egg of Ubachs
In 1978 Wim started at McCann Erickson as copywriter. 7 years later he was appointed Executive Creative Director, Board Member of DDB Amsterdam and member of the International Creative Board of DDB Worldwide. In 1990 he joined Saatchi & Saatchi Amsterdam. later he established his own agencies ... Read More »

Tadeusz Zorawski - Universal McCann Poland
Since 2005 Tadeusz has been CEO of UM Poland; UM (aka Universal McCann) is a global media communications company. I have been a practitioner of neuro research since 2006, when upon my decision our company first ran a project of reaction times. Read More »

Juan Jose Delgado - Burger King, Pepsi, Amazon
With more than 10 years of experience, Juan Jose is an Insightful and Reflective Expert on Customer Strategy and Digital Marketing. He helped to put the customer in the center of many organizations over multiples international marketplaces; some examples are Amazon, Burger King, Pepsi, Hertz, CB Richard Ellis, Ford, Bosch, Siemens, Liberty Mutual and Telefonica. Read More »

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy - Director - Neurons Inc.
Ramsøy is one of the leading experts on neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience. With training in both economics and neuropsychology, he holds a PhD in neurobiology from the University of Copenhagen. Ramsøy is also the founder and CEO of Neurons Inc. Read More »

Osman Dilber - PepsiCo
Osman Dilber is juice & ice tea category marketing manager in PepsiCo, responsible from brands Tropicana & Lipton. Having a masters degree on Marketing, Osman Dilber worked on many reputable FMCG companies such as Burger King and Diageo. Read More »

Yener Girisken  - ThinkNeuro
Dr. Yener Girisken is lecturer of neuromarketing at Bilgi University in master of marketing communication department and CEO of ThinkNeuro, the leader neuromarketing research company in Turkey that measured brainwaves of more than 7000 volunteers for advertisement, shopper experience, brand positioning and web design research. Read More »

Lluis Martinez-­‐Ribes - ESADE Business School and at m+f=! (Martinez + Franch consultants)
Lluis began his career as a consultant for SUPSA, a small innovative company. After several years of working as a consultant in 1986, he joined ESADE faculty, where he's currently an Associate Professor in the courses: “Marketing Innovation” and “Retail innovation”. Read More »

Bernd Weber - University of Bonn - Life&Brain GmbH
Dr. Weber is a professor of cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging at the University of Bonn and one of the directors of the Center for Economics and Neuroscience. Since 2011 he has been serving as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics. Read More »

Angelica M. Trigona - AAT Services Ltd.
Angelica Micallef Trigona joined AAT Research Ltd in 2014 to head marketing and operations. An experienced marketing and human resources management professional, she commenced her career in 1995 as part of the team that brought Malta’s first business newspaper – The Malta Business Weekly – to life. Read More »

Kimberly Clark - Dartmouth College's Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences - Merchant Mechanics Inc.
Dr. Clark serves as a conduit between business and academia as Chief Research Scientist at the research consulting firm Merchant Mechanics and as Lecturer and Adjunct Researcher for Dartmouth College's Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in Hanover, New Hampshire. Read More »

Joe Willke - Nielsen
Joe Willke is the President of Nielsen Neuro. Joe joined Nielsen in 1983, where he rose to Vice President of Research and Development, then to Executive Vice President of Client Service and then to President of Nielsen BASES in 2001. Read More »

Barbara Iglesias - BinterTechnic's
Barbara Iglesias is BinterTechnic's Commercial and Marketing Director, an aeronautical engineer and a graduate of the Executive Master of Marketing and Sales programme, jointly run by Esade and SDA Bocconi. Read More »

Elissa Moses - Ipsos
Elissa Moses is Executive Vice President, Neuro & Behavioural Science Centre at Ipsos, one of the top three largest global market research companies. There she enjoys an agnostic role as innovator and provider of NeuroMetrics to better understand consumer emotion and behavior. Read More »

Richard Silberstein - Neuro-Insight
Professor Silberstein has over 30 years of neuroscience research experience and is the originator of SST brain imaging technology. He is President of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association and Chairman of Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd. Read More »

María López - BitBrain Technologies
Dr. María López is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bit&Brain Technologies, a company specialized in neuroscience and neurotechnology. Dr. López is a PhD from the University of Zaragoza as well as an MBA from the IE Business School (ranked among the best business schools in the world by Forbes and Financial Times). Read More »

Cristina de Balanzó - Walnut, Marketing Sciences
Cristina is the Founder and the Main Nut of Walnut. Walnut Unlimited is the consumer neuroscience consultancy within Creston Unlimited. Read More »

Neale Martin - Sublime Behavior
Neale Martin has been working with high-technology companies since 1994, helping them adjust their strategic thinking in light of rapidly evolving market realities. For the past several years, he has worked on updating the principles of marketing in light of research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience that reveals most of human behavior is the result of unconscious habits. The result of this endeavor is Habit: the 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore. Read More »

Michał Matukin - NEUROHM
Michal is a social psychologist and has been working in marketing research based on cutting-edge, neuroscientific research methods since 2007. Currently, he's holding a position of Scientific Director at NEUROHM. Read More »

Nora Sarmiento Prüter - University Konrad Lorenz, Colombia - Mindcode Group Latin America
Nora is a psychologist with interest and experience in the study of behavior in relation to the physiological variables that determine them and in exploring the effects of social and environmental variables on different psychobiological patterns. Read More »

Sarah Walker - Millward Brown
Sarah runs Millward Brown’s Global Neuroscience Practice, a business unit dedicated to the integration of methods and findings from cognitive science into Millward Brown’s global research offer. Read More »

Javier Minguez - Bit&Brain Technologies
Prof. Dr. Javier Minguez is an associate professor in Computer Science lecturer on Neurotechnolgy, head of the Neurotechnology research team of the University of Zaragoza and co-founder of Bit&Brain Technologies. Read More »

Rafał Ohme - NEUROHM
Rafal Ohme (PhD) is one of the world’s pioneers in consumer neuroscience. He is a professor of psychology, expert in emotions, communication and brain research. He held a Fulbright scholar at Kellogg School of Management, at Stanford University he conducted research on unconscious emotions. Read More »

Mihkel Jäätma - Realeyes
‘Mihkel co-founded Realeyes in 2006 with Elnar Hajiyev and Martin Salo, whilst studying for his MBA at Oxford University. They set out to build a world-leading business intelligence firm - and the company is now the technology leader in webcam-based emotions measurement Read More »

Peter Hartzbech - iMotions A/S
Peter is the founder and CEO of iMotions, the developer of Attention Tool®. The platform integrates best-in-class biometric hardware and synchronizes eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR, EMG, ECG and Surveys in one unified solution. Read More »

Carl D. Marci - Innerscope Research
Dr. Carl D. Marci is co-founder, Chairman and Chief Science Officer Chief Science Officer of Innerscope Research. Dr. Marci is on faculty at Harvard Medical School and is both the former Director of Social Neuroscience at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Read More »

Ale Smidts - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Ale Smidts is a professor of marketing research and chair of the Department of Marketing Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). He is director of RSM's Erasmus Center for Neuroeconomics and the former dean of RSM Research (2004-2011). His current research focus is decision neuroscience and neuromarketing Read More »

Leon Zurawicki - Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Massachusetts-Boston
Leon Zurawicki is Professor, Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. His main areas of research center on the application of neuroscience to the study of consumer behavior. Read More »

Michael Smith - Nielsen
Dr. Michael E. Smith is an applied cognitive neuroscientist and business professional based in Southern California. His career has spanned the academic, government, and corporate sectors. He is an author on dozens of publications in peer-reviewed journals and an inventor on multiple patents for advanced neurological assessment methods. Read More »

Linda Couwenberg - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Linda Couwenberg is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Marketing Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands) Read More »

Antonio Casals - Neuromarketing Science and Business Association
With over 30 years of global marketing, sales, and top management experience, Antonio’s passion is to understand and predict clients and consumer behavior as well as to develop people’s skills in neurostrategy and neuromarketing. He has been managing and working in several neurostrategy and neuromarketing projects around the world. Read More »

Carla Nagel - Neuromarketing Science & Business Association
Carla Nagel is an enthousiastic and strategic organizer and manager. As a founder and director of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) she stands for an open debate about the field, setting standards and sharing knowledge around the globe. The NMSBA is the international association for neuromarketing, serving 800+ members in 82 countries. Read More »

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